Celebrate this International Yoga Day with Mindful Walking

The world is gearing up to celebrate the International Yoga Day, up your gusto and join the bandwagon! All thanks to India as the countries globally celebrate the real independence of body, mind, and spirit with International Yoga Day. This hasn’t just freed us from the stationary lifestyles; it has freed and inculcated the discipline […]


4 steps to a killer annual day! (…and employee wellness program)

2017 is over, and if you haven’t already held your annual day, it’s high time you had one. Planning for an event like this should be exciting. Should be, but usually isn’t. Do you find yourself wondering where the enthusiasm went in the run-up to your annual day? Are you stuck doing the exact same […]

Employee Fitness Ideas

Have a break, but DO NOT eat that Kit Kat! – Bite-sized Employee Fitness Ideas

Historically, breaks have been used to lessen fatigue, reduce boredom, and sometimes just stop employees performing repetitive tasks from losing their minds. Typically, these breaks involve a cup of coffee, snacking on something super-unhealthy, smoking cigarettes or discussing the latest development on The Game of Thrones. In the worst cases, the break involves yet more […]


4 Tips to Making your Runs Fun!

Running is a great hobby to pursue, it helps strengthen your muscles and bones, enhance your cardiovascular fitness, and above all burns plenty of calories. To ensure a pain-free running experience, you should invest your time in some warm up exercises (before the run) and cool down techniques along with stretches (after the run). In […]


5 Hidden Stressors at your Workplace that are Affecting Your Productivity and How To Handle Them

The word ‘stress’ in a workplace environment is used in relation with deadlines, work overload, work roles, routine tasks, and so on. Unnoticed by us, there lurk unknown stressors that have an effect on work performance, rate of absenteeism, and mental as well as physical health. It is easier to strategize, and defeat a known […]