The world is gearing up to celebrate the International Yoga Day, up your gusto and join the bandwagon!

All thanks to India as the countries globally celebrate the real independence of body, mind, and spirit with International Yoga Day. This hasn’t just freed us from the stationary lifestyles; it has freed and inculcated the discipline of Yoga into our lives.

To honor this International Yoga Day, let’s dive into this beautiful and fruitful art for a healthier lifestyle and unveil its countless benefits. Let’s celebrate this day by incorporating mindful walk in our everyday life as an active practice.

Most of us spend a lot of time in offices and homes, and not in the natural environment. Mindful walking every day would help us to be one with nature and understand our presence on earth.

Walking and yoga offer several benefits for health and fitness. Walking strengthens muscles in your hips and legs and also provides a good cardiovascular workout. Walking also improves conditions like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, muscular or joint stiffness or pain. Walking increases the levels of oxygen in the brain and reduces stress. Yoga provides cross-training benefits to walking. For best results, walk first and then use yoga poses to cool yourself down.

Among all the other exercises, walking is the most natural and could be a great warm-up for Yoga. It doesn’t require any expertise, either; it offers everyone a chance of being active physically. The incitement of seeing the outside world calms the body and mind.

Doing a mindful walk

After a long and tiresome day at the office, seated meditation could seem unpleasant. Try walking meditation or mindful walking that requires you to stay cognizant and mobile rather than meditating seated with your eyes closed.

Mindful walking brings you closer to Nature and helps in strengthening your concentration, making you more aware, and helps you to connect with the present moment. With every step, you take, be conscious of heel-to-toe rhythm as your foot makes the contact with the ground.

Combining Yoga with a walk

As per Ayurveda, it is optimal to begin the day with a brisk walk followed by Yoga postures. Some of the Yoga practitioners prefer walking first and then practicing yoga, while others prefer warming up before taking a walk. The order isn’t important as the regularity of their practice.

Combining Yoga and walking would provide a holistic exercise. Spending time in the fresh air every day would also help you to increase the serotonin levels and also regulate your circadian rhythms, which would enhance energy levels and bring about a fresh and positive outlook on life.

The Bottom Line

Practicing mindful walking facilitates the growth of mindfulness in ordinary everyday life. If one could learn to establish the awareness during mindful walking—when one is physically moving with his eyes open—then it would be easier to arouse the same wakeful quality while performing other activities like eating, driving or washing dishes. It would be easier to arouse the mindfulness while walking through a park, or during other times. Your meditation would be permeating your life.

While it isn’t expected that everyone would wish to walk for long hours, one might want to give this a shot in small sessions and increasing the length of such sessions gradually over time. It is a great way of training your mind for fostering awareness, serenity, and concentration. If developed, it could broaden and strengthen your meditation to higher levels of tranquility and insight.

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