Celebrate this International Yoga Day with Mindful Walking

The world is gearing up to celebrate the International Yoga Day, up your gusto and join the bandwagon! All thanks to India as the countries globally celebrate the real independence of body, mind, and spirit with International Yoga Day. This hasn’t just freed us from the stationary lifestyles; it has freed and inculcated the discipline […]


4 steps to a killer annual day! (…and employee wellness program)

2017 is over, and if you haven’t already held your annual day, it’s high time you had one. Planning for an event like this should be exciting. Should be, but usually isn’t. Do you find yourself wondering where the enthusiasm went in the run-up to your annual day? Are you stuck doing the exact same […]

Employee engagement program ideas

Employee Engagement Program Ideas – Guaranteed Participation!

Did another 20 something-year-old employees just walk out? Was it because they ‘feel un-inspired’ or something similarly vague? Does it happen often enough that you find yourself hoping the next one has something more interesting to say like “I want to join the circus” or “I’m quitting because the carpets are ugly”? It’s not just […]