Corporate Success Stories


We were extremely impressed with the participation. We had over 500 participants. Deployment was easy, execution is easy, and we have been able to work with the HooFit team to tailor it to our specific needs.

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VTP Group

The challenge contributed to employees feeling very positive and active. We saw more team interaction, in fact the initiative was the top-rated employee enagement program for the year.

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The first time we launched the HooFit contest, the excitement and buzz was truly unbelievable. It's become 'cool' to go on walks and to 'cheer' each other on. If you weren't logging enough exercise into the app, people will ask you why you aren't doing it; it's a culture change toward health.

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Cuelogic Technologies

It’s extremely rewarding to see so many people improve their health with HooFit. I witness every day how the program has helped employees try to make healthier choices, and I see more and more walking groups during lunch breaks. Many employees have also made new friends in other departments or locations thanks to the groups features built into the HooFit program.

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Plobal Apps

The challenges were super super fun! It was great to see the enagement it was able to drive while making everyone more active! Can’t wait to start our next challenge.

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Personal Success Stories

Sonal Toranmal - HR professional

HooFit app is amazing! It has motivated me to walk more and created an atmosphere of healthy competition. I personally feel it’ll be great to have it implemented for all employees. And, we can promote the usage of steps over lift. It’s a 10/10.

Sneha Banerjee – Business Development

It has been a month I am avoiding to exercise. But Thanks to the app HooFit, finally I have started with my workout. The best part of this app is the Leaderboard. The competition among your colleagues just makes you GO CRAZY. The moment you see someone is ahead of you, boosts you to workout even harder.

Rahul Agnihotri – Desginer

This app is really good to track our fitness and more over it converts our workout into Cash. Its’ like “Ye mere pasine ki kamayi hai”. From past one week we all are competing with each other to keep us in top position in this app.

Kedar Kulkarni

I was a participant in HooFit walkathon challenge. I am totally impressed with the concept. It's really engaging. I actually started walking more than 10K steps a day throughout and after the challenge. This app helped me to take my first step towards healthy lifestyle.

Pallavi Joshi

I started using the HooFit app during our corporate roll out in Oct 2016. I started with a goal of 5000 steps daily (which was a task) to now where I am able to be on the treadmill for 45 minutes each day (haven’t missed a workout since last 3 months). I just feel great!

Shashank Ayyar

We often underestimate how powerful walking is due to its simplicity! The mindful walking during the challenge has made me more active – I have replaced all my short distance motor commute to walks! Thank you for bringing the positive change in my life.

Gunjan Nagwann

I was on my way to USA and the K2K deadline was coming up, and there I am walking at the airport and reporting back to my team, 'Guys, I did it!'

Geeta Pore

The ‘lunchtime walks’ turned into great team building opportunity where we would brainstorm and bond.

Nachiket Kulkarni

It helped me to de-stress after having a hectic day at work and home – it’s been 2 months I have never missed my daily walks.

Akansha mehrotra

I really enjoyed this marathon.the best version of this was the weight loss and a routine fitness schedule. So happy to see fitting myself in old dresses.

Soniya Kriplani

I love HooFit, it inspires me to walk more and achieve and set Benchmarks.

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