We don’t just walk

The HooFit Walkathon is a step towards a fitter, healthier, happier workforce.
It’s fun, social and engaging. And it doesn’t feel like a stuffy corporate program.
A challenge like no other, it will unleash your employees' potential for being happier, more engaged, better focused and more productive.
How HooFit works - Split into groups, assign captains, track steps, compete in challenge, reward top performers

What will you get?

Multiple Challenges

We offer you gamified Challenges which will continually engage your employees through friendly competitions against colleagues. These will drive physical fitness and stimulate mental alertness. New challenges, each tougher than the previous ones, will be introduced as time progresses and as each level is completed.

Daily Progress

The Walkathon app makes it really simple to check individual and team progress, daily. The app is integrated with wireless trackers and employees can check their daily progress.

Weekly Goals

Friendly competitions will set your employees to pit their fitness and mental alertness against each other.

Points and Rewards

Upon completing a level, employees will earn reward points which they can redeem for exciting rewards and accolades. That’s just an additional incentive, over and above improving health, fitness and energy levels.

Leaderboards for all employees

Jumpstart each day with a leaderboard update. Foster a sense of competition and urgency by highlighting the leader of the day.

Dashboard for Admins

You are just one click away from managing the program – from initiating it, inviting participation and running it too.

Benefits to employers

  • Ramp up employee engagement with this unique workplace wellness program.
  • Engagement, happiness, wellness, health and productivity will go to an all-time high.
  • Fun, social and habit-forming activities means your employees will continue to engage in them long after the challenges are completed.

Benefits to employees

  • Get recognized for getting healthier – in mind and body.
  • Challenge friends and colleagues, and earn reward points and the recognition of your peers.
  • Form new healthy habits, effortlessly. Be fitter, energised and more productive at work.

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