Gamified Walkathon Challenge

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Would you like to transform employee engagement by building employee wellness into your company culture? This creative platform aims to infuse healthy lifestyle habits and fun into the workplace through competitive challenges.

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What is Hoofit?

Hoofit is a mobile and web-based gamified social workplace wellness program for corporates that traces the progress of various teams pitted against each other in a 4-week fitness challenge. The steps taken by each individual as well as each team are tracked on a leaderboard and the top performing individuals and teams are rewarded. This interactive platform is easy to use, with features that provide scope for future individual continuation of the wellness habit.

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Hoofit leaderboards and statistics

Why use Hoofit?

Engage Employees

Engaged and motivated employees are the most desired employees. Hoofit is an employee wellness program that gamifies fitness and helps you challenge and excite your team.

Reduce Attrition

Engaged employees makes for happy employees, which leaves little reason to seek change. You can improve scalability and reduce attrition through this workplace wellness program.

Improve Focus and Productivity

Happy and engaged employees won’t while away time at work. An effective employee wellness program can reduce sick-leaves/overtime in a snap.

Easy to Use

The Walkathon app is the easy and intuitive. A click here, a click there and you can get the employee fitness challenge up and running. Invite participants, make teams, track progress. Click, click, click.

Improve Teamwork

No one size fits all. Pick and organize teams as per your company strength, and have them compete with other teams or individuals.

Company Culture

Who wouldn’t want to work in a company where people come first! Participate in this corporate wellness program and brand yourself as a great workplace.

Challenge Leaderboards

A real-time leaderboard makes it very easy for administrators and participants to view challenge progress.

A Lifetime of Fitness

Fitness will become a way of life for your employees. They can team up with colleagues, friends and family members to continue on the path to fitness for life.

Fully Customised and Gamified

You know your company best. And its people too. We don’t come to you with pre-set challenge dimensions. You can customise the Walkathon as per your company culture. And you can configure it yourself, although we will be with you every step of the way.

The walkathon is a fun employee engagement activity that is excellent for employee morale and motivation. In this engagement, truly every step counts. It is a good start to lifetime of healthy goals and challenges.

Enterprise dashboard challenge screen
Enterprise dashboard home screen

Insights and analytics

The web based Hoofit dashboard provides a keen insight into your company's wellness activities and engagement levels. It provides statistics based on gender and age, and tracks steps taken, calories spent, sweat points, distance covered and even the number of imagined laps taken around the earth.

What our clients are saying?

Some of India’s top organisations have already adopted our unique employee engagement and wellness platform for better business results and greater productivity.

It’s extremely rewarding to see so many people improve their health with Hoofit. I witness every day how the program has helped employees try to make healthier choices, and I see more and more walking groups during lunch breaks. Many employees have also made new friends in other departments or locations thanks to the groups features built into the Hoofit program.
Nikhil Ambekar, CEO at Cuelogic technologies Pvt Ltd.
Nikhil Ambekar
CEO at Cuelogic technologies Pvt Ltd.
We were extremely impressed with the participation. We had over 500 participants. Deployment was easy, execution is easy, and we have been able to work with the Hoofit team to tailor it to our specific needs.
Ullas Vinod, Tieto India Ambassador
Ullas Vinod
Tieto India Ambassador
The first time we launched the Hoofit contest, the excitement and buzz was truly unbelievable. It's become 'cool' to go on walks and to 'cheer' each other on. If you weren't logging enough exercise into the app, people will ask you why you aren't doing it; it's a culture change toward health.
Bhupesh Choudhary, Human Resource Manager, Extentia Information Technology
Bhupesh Choudhary
Human Resource Manager, Extentia Information Technology
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3 Billion
Total steps walked
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798 million
Total calories burned
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